About Black Hills Ski for Light Bus Across Nebraska


We are excited to offer an opportunity to the blind, visually impaired and  physically challenged individuals to travel to the week-long Black Hills Ski for Light annual winter event in Deadwood, SD each year in January! This program is, of course, a lot of fun, but any participant or volunteer for the program would tell you that more than that, it is the most inspiring and motivating event offered to blind, low visional or otherwise physically challenged individuals.

Persons with physical and vision challenges are constantly dealing with obstacles in their daily life. The Ski for Light program provides a break from the constant attention of dealing with blindness or mobility problems while the program also builds confidence and the wonderful feeling of independence that is often lost to the blind and physically challenged as they meet the challenges in their lives.

The program is available to all individuals who are meeting these challenges in life but as usual the transportation to such an event is difficult.  Eager participants of the program work together each year to raise money to provide round trip bus travel from Omaha to Deadwood and back at an extremely reasonable price.

The bus will make stops across Nebraska to pick up interested participants. Travel on the bus is not limited to Nebraskans and we encourage individuals to contact Ward or Kathy Kinney about their specific travel needs. Make arrangements now with them to reserve your seat on the Bus.  You can reach them at 402-630-3640 or send an email to nebraskabus@gmail.com.

What is the Ski for Light event?

The event is a wonderful get away that has fringe benefits offered as you become successful in outdoor activities that even you may have thought were not possible for you. The week-long event each January offers lodging, meals, entertainment, all ski equipment, lift ticket, sleds, snowmobiles, and all in city transportation for each participant at the cost of $200 for the week.

There is a concluding banquet which may be an additional cost. Some individuals may qualify to receive financial aid, and then the cost is $100 for the week. If you qualify for financial assistance for the event, please be aware that this reduction in cost does NOT pertain to the bus transportation. In the past, fund raising has been able to considerably offset this cost to the individuals involved.


How do I reserve my seat on the bus?

Now is the time to reserve your seat on the bus. This requires a $50 deposit which will be applied to the total of the cost of your travel. Our reserved bus is wheel chair equipped. By clicking on the register tab you can choose between electronically filling out the required form or printing the form and forwarding it by U.S. Mail.  Either way it does require a  $50 deposit.  The address is on the application.   Deposit checks will be cashed but the funds held in a separate account until close to departure.

Remember that the expense of the bus travel and participation in the Ski for Light event are separate and participants are responsible to apply to both.
Are there other ways to get involved if you do not qualify as a participant?

There are two other ways to participate in the Black Hills Ski for Light event. You may wish to contact the Black Hills Ski for Light office to become a volunteer. Experienced skiers to be ski guides are especially appreciated but there are other ways to volunteer as well. If you go as a volunteer, you will receive the same option of travel on the Black Hills Ski for Light Bus Across Nebraska.